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Glitter Rose

Episode 621

Artist: Glitter Rose

Outlaw Southern Rocker Glitter Rose has been breathing music all her life. California born and Texas raised, this Cali-Texan was exposed to rock n' roll in a small town as a kid inspiring rhythm and vigor in young GR. It became her dream to pursue music as a career at age 12 after writing her first song. Shortly after, she began recording albums, started performing live, became a guitarist and lived the music business through her teens. Spanning from country to pop to rock, GR experimented with many genres, styles and looks. Hollywood High was her rock baby born in 2001, and earned her much recognition through 2004.

Life changing events led to GR focusing on her solo career and in 2007, she released her album Southern Comfort. Making waves with slice of life songs and rockin' rhythms, GR began to light up the industry, performing at North Texas festivals, hosting live music showcases, becoming a resident at the Dallas International Guitar Festival, appearing on Good Morning Texas and even designing her own acoustic guitar series, introducing her into the equipment industry and leading to performances around the world. After releasing her album Dead or Alive in 2012 and moving to Los Angeles, she was now endorsed with 12 major equipment companies, including brands like Gibson Acoustic, Orange Amplifiers, Telefunken Elektroakustik and Fishman Music and became an 8-time award winner with her album Dead or Alive, co-produced by Dran Michael and Glitter Rose, and her music video "Buda Negra" directed by Amy Campione.

GR is known for her magnetic and charming stage presence.  Loved by all ages, Glitter was chosen to host and star in Southern Rock Brunch at Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood Blvd., which ran for 20 weeks.  GR retains residencies with HRC to date. She is the songwriter for the title track of the feature film American Girl and was an associate producer on the film, as well as made a cameo appearance in it. She also co-wrote a song with bass legend Stu Hamm and Korean guitar legend SeHwang Kim titled "Two Lovers", which is featured in the Korean box office smash The Technicians. GR recently was Music Director and Co-Composer for "How To: The Musical" which was a film for the 48 Hour Film Project in Los Angeles and currently finishing her 3rd album "Outlaw In Love".

A Southern Rocker at heart and an Outlaw by design, Glitter Rose will go on to be one of music's most unique, and heartfelt success stories in history. Years of dedication and perseverance through hardship, heartache and challenges, makes all the great moments that much sweeter, and you can feel it in the songs she sings.

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