The Show

Ted Stevens

Episode 601

Artist: Ted Stevens

Last August, from Louisville, Kentucky into the studio comes Ted Stevens. My first take was here’s a Rocker dressed up and ready to take the stage. I thought, this is gonna be fun, and I was not disappointed. Ted, the leader of "Ted Stevens and the Third Rail", just had that look where if you saw him walking down the street you'd say to yourself "that guy has to be a rock star". Well, guess what, you would be right with one exception, he is not an asshole. He is one of the nicest guys I have met in ten years of recording these shows.

Perhaps the 4 years he lived and played in Scotland had a positive influence on his persona, but, make no mistake; this musician is a credit to Louisville. Here he is in a stripped down solo acoustic set that kicks ass! Obviously, I love this guy! Enjoy!!!

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