The Show

Matt Gandurski

Episode 39

I had a blast recording this show and cracking up in between songs. Matt is incredibly talented.


Matt Gandurski is a twenty six year old singer/songwriter born and raised on the south side of Chicago. In late 2005 he teamed up with finger style guitarist John Hasbrouck, studying early folk and country blues recordings. John and Matt have also recently formed the "NorthSide Southpaws", the world's first all left-handed national resophonic guitar/ mandolin duet, now playing early American roots music throughout Chicago. Matt also maintains a modest solo career, playing gigs in Chicago and Southern Illinois, and currently hosts an open mic every other Wednesday at the mercury cafe in West Town Chicago.


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See Matt and John live at The Hideout 1354 W. Wabansia, Chicago on June 8th for Happy Hour starting at 6 PM, and June 17th at Artists of the Wall, 1000 W. Pratt, Chicago starting at 1 PM.\n