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Episode 587

Artist: Justin Yates

About the Episode:

Justin Yates joined us for Podcast and got to check out this young man's intensity first hand. Pretty amazing guitarist considering he is self taught. That combined with strong lyrics and a powerful voice is Justin in a nut shell.

You can see him Live this Thursday November 6th at The Throne Room, 2831 N Broadway St, Chicago, Illinois 60614 along with Jake Foy and CAUDog Records artists Greg Jackson Combs, Ellis Clark, and CLEEMANN.

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When you meet Justin Yates, you'll notice that he has a great deal of energy, underscored by a trace of uncertainty. He's 26 years of age, has accumulated some emotional baggage over time, and as a result, has a great deal on his mind, much of which is difficult for him to navigate with other human beings in normal conversation, as it's often painful and messy material to explain. Put a guitar in his hand, however, and an immediate transformation takes place. Any uncertainty he may have had about himself and his role in the world around him disappears, and Justin becomes intensely focused, playing his instrument with the sure-handedness of an expert. He sings with the kind of confidence and authority that only the strongest storytellers possess. It's sort of a shocking thing to bear witness to.

Justin is a self-taught guitar player. He used to play metal and worked with a number of bands in the North Shore area, but nothing ever really stuck. He never felt strongly connected to any of the other players, and after a while, Justin gave up on performing within the genre and bought an acoustic guitar, met a girl. And fell in love. And it was great.


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