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Episode 585

Artist: Mendeleyev

About the Episode:

American singer-songwriter Mendeleyev has been a lifelong lover of music. He started playing guitar when he was just three years old and continues to hold an unbreakable bond with the instrument. In grade school, he picked up instruments quickly and fervently, becoming quite skilled on piano, bass guitar, and drums. He played a multitude of these instruments in some bands in high school and won a school-wide talent show, playing an original song for thousands of members of the student body. After graduation, he attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts where his principle instrument was the guitar. Being surrounded by such talented individuals during this time was very inspiring for Mendeleyev and he thrived there. A lover of traveling and seeing new places brought the artist to his decision to leave Boston, and he has barely stopped moving since.

Mendeleyev has had the opportunity to play for people around the world! In the summer of 2010, he played acoustic guitar and sang for people all over Africa and India, including the Masaii tribesmen and Wangari Maathai, leader of the Green Belt Movement and winner of the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize. During July and August of 2011, Mendeleyev toured Europe with Travelers, a band of his brother’s and Berklee classmates. Stopping in London, Amsterdam and Stockholm, he was excited to bring his music to life in a new way and in new places.

Today, Mendeleyev is working hard toward becoming a more widely recognized name in music and entertainment. With a diverse catalogue filled with feverous finger picking, mellow to manic melodies and lively, moving lyrical content, highly influenced by the likes of Neil Young, Feist, Van Morrison, Nick Drake, John Mayer, and, unsurprisingly, Sublime, he has a fresh and folky yet fun and funky take on music that can be appreciated by all. Young and full of energy, there is no telling where Mendeleyev will be heading next.


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