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Episode 248

Artist: The Jeannie Tanner Quartet

About the Episode:

Here is the lineup: Jeannie Tanner, Vocals & Trumpet, Lisa McQueen, Piano, Cory Biggerstaff, Bass, and Darlene DuFay, Drums.

Being a Jazz man, I totally fell in love with this Quartet. Joining me for this session was Ms. Kat Fitzgerald . The music that afternoon was absolute magic and the show lasted over one hour. Jeannie's lyrics and music are beautiful and the musicianship of this quartet is excellent.

I highly recommend that you join me at Andy's Jazz Club at 11 E. Hubbard on February 12th or 13th for her CD release party. It all starts at 9 PM and goes to 1:30 AM. I am going on Friday night, and there's a damn good chance that I'll come back for the Saturday night show.



CD release party

Boy I wish could attend that release party I'm sure it is going to be great. I love jazz myself, my wife and I often go to a local Jazz spot here in Indianapolis. I think I need to go get some new jazz cd's anyway. I'm trying to build a major jazz collection.
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