Robert Hynes

Robert Hynes was born into a music loving family in the suburbs of Chicago. As a young child he began playing music on the household piano, learned viola through school, and discovered Dad's guitar in the front closet. Robert had piano lessons from a neighbor, friend and musical mentor named George Krajecki. Robert studied music at the College of DuPage, and under many great guitarists including the highly versatile Tom Sanchez (formerly of Liquid Soul), jazz-fusion guitarist Steve Ramsdell, classical guitarist Scott Johnston. Robert currently teaches guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, and instructs a Rock Band course at Music Makers of Western Springs.

Robert Hynes Band is a 4 piece group, featuring longtime collaborator Fred Mundinger on guitar and vocals, Kevin Becker on bass, and Mike Bruno on drums. The band's performances include bottle-neck blues, Gypsy jazz, New Orleans funk and good ole' house-rockers! Vintage instruments, cigar box guitars, home-made Leslie amps and other musical curiosities can also be seen as a regular part of the show, as are guest appearances from Chicago's finest musicians.

Robert and Kevin Becker longtime collabrator and Upright Bassest, two out of the four memebers of the band, joined us for an afternoon of wonderful music and great stories about working in the music industry.

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