MT. Thelonious

MT. THELONIOUS knew they wanted to pay tribute to their mutual influence, American jazz legend Thelonius Monk. Though their sound is rooted the sounds and melodies of indie folk, they share the values and inventive energy of their namesake. Mt. Thelonious’ shows are characterized by their originality, spirit, and flair for improvisation. Monk once wrote, “a note can be small as a pin or as big as the world, it depends on your imagination”—listening to the band’s unique sound, it’s clear that Mt. Thelonious has taken this to heart. 

In 2013, the trio collaborated with Grammy Award nominated recording engineer Adam Long, and produced their self-titled debut album. Since then, Mt. Thelonious has embarked on several national tours, cultivating growing fan bases in a number of US cities. 

The band has plenty of touchstones in the past, drawing heavily from folk, jazz, and rootsy, Americana traditions—yet what makes them truly unique is their ability to craft something new from these references while still evoking them. As Mt. Thelonius continues to tour and immerse themselves in America’s rich musical landscape, there’s no doubt their sound will only continue to expand and deepen.

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