Marcela Carmona

Born in Hollywood, California, Marcela displayed a natural sense of rhythm and melody since before she could talk. At the age of 3, her mother hired a friend of the family to teach Marcela piano. She devoted herself to her classical training for 14 years with aspirations of being a concert pianist. She received no formal vocal training, and learned to sing instead at church and in her public school choirs.

At the age of 15, she formed a band with a neighbor and began to develop her craft as a songwriter. ”I didn’t know what I was doing” explains Marcela. ”All I knew how to play was classical music. So, I did what any 15-year-old would do: I turned to my music collection. The Beatles taught me how to write songs. Tori Amos taught me how to write for the piano. And Trent Reznor taught me it was okay to be an emotional performer”.

Her band broke up 2 years later and at age of seventeen, Marcela made a decision that would change her life forever: she quit classical piano and went solo.

Marcela was born to be a musician and she works hard to make sure music is incorporated into every things she does. When she’s not performing and writing her music, she’s busy collaborating with other talented Los Angeles based musicians, recording and performing as a guest/session vocalist and pianist, leading congregations as a Catholic Cantor, and providing private music instruction in both Voice and Piano to students of all ages.

In May of 2012, she launched a successful crowd-funding campaign through With the support of her contributors she met her goal to fund her EP - After The Accident - featuring songs she wrote after her car accident in the Fall of 2011. Backed by a team of musicians and friends, she recorded the EP in 4 days at Earls Music Productions. Released April, 2013. Available for digital download:

Marcela gives voice to every side of the story with her soulful sound. Her songs are personal, yet universal: tales of human flaws and how those flaws enrich life’s experiences. She is at home on the stage in front of an audience and sees songwriting and performing as the best way to connect with her neighbors, lovers, and even strangers.

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