The Artist

The New Zeitgeist

Jen Reilly and Eddy Bluma aka The New Zeitgeist met as solo artists reentering the music scene in Chicago of 2009, but might as well have been around since 1929. “Old souls,” they have been described by many, the two began collaborating as a folk duo with soulful harmonies and old spirituals. Their devotions range from Hank Williams and Woody Guthrie to Elvis, Joni, The Staple Singers, and Allison Krauss. Their upcoming first and full-length album attempts to capture the timeless and undying spirit of the ages, entitled the “New Zeitegists,” (pronounced zī¬¬–tĭ–gĭsts). Their coined word, New Zeitegists implies a revolution as well as a return to the simple things and things that matter; a return to “geist”–spirit, soul, and body.

Previous to living in Chicago, in the spring of 2009 Jen Reilly spent four months living at an artists’ colony developing her skills and experience in songwriting, performing, and recording at the Contemporary Music Center, an invitation-only community on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Eddy’s homegrown Chicago area bands (Candy Coated Tongues, Sux Royale) centered around DeKalb before moving downtown. The two have played at Uncommon Ground almost as a home base since meeting on the Clark location at an open mic in 2009, when Eddy offered Jen to borrow his guitar. Performances by the married duo have included The Heartland Café, Skokie Theatre, Red Line Tap, Mayne Stage, The Store, Miseracordia Home’s Annual Family Fest, several Independent Chicago Songwriter’s Festivals, and Billy Corgan’s Madame Zuzu’s. Involvement in local music communities has included Independent Chicago, Old Town School of Folk Music, and Chicago Acoustic Underground. Their song, “Warm and Dry” has been played on WDCB’s Folk Festival with Lily Kuzma. Eddy and Jen are proud to be releasing their first self-titled full album project with Mike Hagler and John Abbey at Kingsize Sound Labs in December of 2014.