The Artist

Scott Wilcox

Scott Wilcox has wanted to be a rock star from birth. When he was three his mother said he used to make up great songs that would go on and on and on. When his father, a semi-famous disc jock in the 70’s, spent his whole life always trying to reach a star that was just out of his grasp, so naturally, his mother became very nervous when Scott showed quite a bit of music potential at a young age. His mother always feared that If he pursued music, he might fail, so she liked to tell him, “Music is a hobby, don’t quit your day job!”.

After two decades of "Day Jobs" Scott decided to follow is heart and do his best to make it in the music world. In his first year of trying, Scott produced his first CD called Love Notes, appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Lifeclass Show, won the Bob Dylan songwriting competition, and appeared on many local TV and radio interviews.

He not only promoted his music but he created a music festival where he gave others a chance to showcase their music. He started a songwriters club to help show other songwriters how to do what he does, and he volunteered to play his music for students, business leaders, and soldiers.

In the brief ten minutes he got to talk with Oprah, he realized something about himself. He realized that music has never been what he does, it's who he is., and he can’t deny his music any more than he can deny the blood in his veins.

All that hard work paid off big time, as he just returned from New York where he performed in a television ad that will be featured on this coming Super Bowl.

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