The Artist

Mike Middleton Band

The Mike Middleton Band is the combination of two musicians with different backgrounds. Mike Middleton comes from a classical background where he speciallized in the Basson. and Chase Paul comes from the classic college/garage band background. 

The World is a better place since they got together with beautiful harmonies, excellent guitarmanship, and wonderful lyrics. This show is almost a year old and was one of the lost episodes. Jane Thatcher and Jeff Brown were with me in the studio and they added lots of color to the interview portion of the show.

One particular song, "When We Meet In Ireland" was requested by all of us. It is a song written about and dedicated to Mike's Fiancee  Kate, and it is absolutely beautiful.

On October 25, 2011 we all have the opportunity to catch a monster show at the Double Door in the "Dirt Room" with the Mike Middleton Band. Joining them is Duck & Goose, Raspy & the Tiger, and Chris Wurst & Friends. Check out our Events page for complete information.