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Episode 665

Artist: Nathan Xander 2017

About the Episode:

Nathan Xander

Writing songs in the spirit of what Greil Marcus termed, 'The Old, Weird America', Nathan Xander is an Americana/folk singer specializing in hushed songs of tension and regret. 

Nathan's unconventional finger-picking guitar style and a self-confessed obsession with the storytelling tradition of country music have marked him as an intriguing prospect in New York City. Having previously lived in Union City, PA, Pittsburgh, and Chicago, New York has been his home base since 2011.

With lyrics often recalling the spidery narratives of Southern-Gothic writers such as Flannery O'Connor and the offbeat movies of the Cohen Brothers, Xander's unorthodox aesthetic mix of the rootsy and the surreal marks a sound undeniably his own.


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