Julie Meckler

French. Actress. Hardly 3 decades. Julie Meckler quit the Parisian stage to discover America. She landed in New York in June 2008, bought a guitar and took to the road. On her way, she found her music and her voice.The voyage from coast to coast was witness to the birth of her songs. 

.. Her songs... a collection of sounds and words that range from sinister explorations of longing and desire to jaunty ballads about love and travel. 

Settling, at last, in Chicago -- the City of Wind, the City of Big Shoulders -- the actress-turned-songstress returned to the stage (this time the stages of barrooms and cafes) to share her songs with those who would listen. The people of Chicago have listened. So should you.

Julie is a sheer joy to behold and listen to. She will be performing a Live show at the Beat Kitchen, 2100 W. Belmont, Chicago IL on November 4th. Please join the CAU Crew at the show and let's party!

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