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As Waters

Episode 647

Artist: As Waters aka Tristan Avakian

Created over the course of two North American tours, "As Waters," is the artist name and self-titled debut album of guitarist and singer-songwriter Tristan Avakian. "As Waters," is a heritage record that assimilates a variety of styles, all of which pre-date Woodstock: Civil War ballad, Elizabethan lay, Revolver-era Beatles, lush orchestral pop, film noir, and tropicalia, but with a bracing post-punk sensibility instantly familiar to fans of songwriters like Josh Homme, Ben Gibbard and Billie Joe Armstrong. All the while, embodying classic story-song in the tradition of Nick Drake, Jimmy Webb, and mid-period Scott Walker. Elegant, orchestral, casually celestial. Cathartic, melodramatic, and absolutely necessary. Join the CAU crew at Acorn Theatre in Three Oaks Michigan on September 2nd to experience this brilliant songwriter. Opening the show, Gypsy-Jazz featuring Romanian born Gypsy Violinist, Daniela Bisenius and Grammy Nominated Accordionist, Don Stille.


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