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Episode 555

Artist: Andy Metz

About the Episode:

“Andy Metz” is the stage name for the Seattle-born and Chicago-based musician, Andy Metz.  Andy grew up in the historic neighborhood of West Seattle, where he began his interest in music at a young age with forced piano lessons.  He later gained an appreciation for said piano lessons, which helped him learn to play the guitar with all the grace of a baby falling down a flight of stairs.

While attending Bush School for High School, Andy began recording music that ranged from rock to hip hop to something else over the course of six CDs released from 2001-2003.  He quickly realized that vocal lessons probably wouldn’t hurt, so he took a few of those and a few guitar lessons before embarking on his first tour known as “college.”

Andy spent his freshman year at St. John’s College (not to be confused with St. John’s University or any school you’ve ever heard of) in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  While there, he wrote and recorded songs based on Ancient Greek literature called “Great Book Songs.” During this time, Andy also formed rap duos with Parker Reddington (Rhyme and Recreation), Andrew McClure (Whale Shark) and Ben Althouse (The Metaphorics).

For the remainder of his undergraduate degree, Andy transferred to DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, where he continued to record and release albums while performing at open mics around Chicago, such as Lucille’s (doesn’t exist anymore…not my fault), Duke’s, Red Line Tap and Hidden Shamrock.  Andy also performed in the crazy far-off cities of Beijing, China and Santiago, Chile.

Andy remained in Chicago to receive his Master’s in Urban Planning and Policy at The University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC), and since his graduation, he has formed the rap duo, 8090, with Seth Williams and the rock band, Hero Monster Zero, with Ryan Birkett, Chris Stell and Jesse Walk.

Andy currently works as a transportation planner for a prominent transit agency in Chicago (you’ll never figure out which one), while writing, recording and performing around the city with Hero Monster Zero, 8090 and sometimes by himself…sigh. If you have any suggestions for what comes next, email me at: [email protected].


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