Phil Circle Music Open House Grand Opening

Phil Circle Music and Guilt By Association Records Co-op are in a new space in Chicago's Rogers Park neighbourhood.

After Phil searched at length through Rogers Park for the right space, something opened up in a building he had approached months before. After securing the space he liked, he furnished and decorated it to accommodate his teaching and production work in a comfortable, welcoming fashion, with all new stuff.
Then, two days before Christmas, he arrived with his final handful of items, to be done setting it up in time to take the next week off and open January 2nd. He was greeted by the building owner's daughter and several insurance adjustors. He noticed a couple burned out cars in the parking lot. They explained that there'd been a fire. The body shop in the back of the building burned to the ground. Nobody could enter the building.
Three days passed before Phil and his wife, Megan Corse, were allowed in with flashlights to investigate. His space was untouched by fire, smoke, or water!
Power was restored 10 days later and Phil Circle Music was up and running. Immensely grateful, Phil taught his first students on January 6th.

Come make an informal visit.

Take a look at the studio where a full roster of adult students study everything from guitar and voice to music entrepreneurship and songwriting. See where Phil, and the staff he's about to hire, will begin to expand the role of his little record label and begin his podcasts and vlogs. 30+ years of live performances, 25 years as a recording artist and 25 years of teaching led to this.

2019 marks 100 years of recording artists in Phil Circle's family, and 25 years since his first recording was released.

Phil Circle will play a short set of music at around 7pm, debuting new material slated for an upcoming album.

Your donations will provide scholarships.

Phil Circle t-shirts will be given away for every donation received. Sizes and colors are limited and once they're gone, they're gone.

Some snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.

Watch for more additions to this event.

Phil Circle

6417 N. Ravenswood Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60626

Jan 25 at 3 PM – Jan 26 at 9 PM



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