Isabella Snow - indie jazz pop Alt Online event

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Date & Time:Thu, 02/16/2023 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm


Event by The Bunker
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Isabella Snow is an alternative singer/songwriter based in Chicago, IL.Isabella is a diverse artist, combining her theatrical and visual artistic sensibilities with a vast set of influences to create a show all her own.
Along with her jazz foundation and many hours spent playing with cover bands, her love for pop, rock, and everything in between result in a versatile voice, ready to sing almost any genre with ease- making her original music a true melting pot of all she is.
In addition to her heavy arts background, Isabella has a deep passion for new age spirituality, incorporating mystical, magical, and occult-based motifs in much of her work. She plays alongside her backing band where you can find her playing guitar and ukulele in addition to her lead vocals. Her band features her co-producer Matt Morgan on lead guitar, her husband Noah Nichols on bass, Drummer Derek Briones, and Trumpet Player Erik Martinez.
Isabella holds a degree in Musical Theatre with minors in Jazz Studies and Makeup/Costume Design.
The Band.
Noah Nichols - Bass, Background Vocals
Matt Morgan - Lead Guitar, Background Vocals, Co-Producer
Erik Martinez - Trumpet
Derek Briones - Drums



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