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Date & Time:Fri, 05/27/2022 - 7:00pm - 9:30pm


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This month, the Chicago Actors Studio will be holding a special workshop for actors who are new to the business. This workshop is designed to be your introduction to the training programs here at CAS, particularly our main workshop, Acting As A Craft.
Learn fundamental skills such as:
Scene Study
Voice & Diction
Character Development
On-Camera Techniques
Stage Movement
Emotional Recall
If you have a headshot and resume, make sure to bring them with you. Time permitting, we will go over headshots and resumes with attendees and give valuable advice on what works and what doesn't when promoting yourself as an actor. This workshop is free to attend, and everyone will get to join in theatre games and exercises, but for only $20.00, you will also get to perform a monologue or cold reading and personally receive in-depth critique and direction from the instructor.
If you’ve been considering an acting class, but haven’t been able to make up your mind, this is the perfect place to start!
To register, give us a call at 773-645-0222 or just click the link below!
*** Because space is limited, there is a $10.00 deposit required to reserve a space in this workshop. Attendees will be refunded this deposit when they come to the workshop.***
***If you are reserving a $20.00 seat, you don't need to pay the $10.00 deposit.***



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Name:Chicago Actors Studio
Address:2040 N Elston Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60614
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