Hey! It's my birthday! at the Honky Tonk Bbq

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Date & Time:Sun, 11/28/2021 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Event by Hope Arthur
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Remember in the before times when I used to play ragtime during the breaks of the Chicago Cellar Boys on Sunday evenings?
Well, I'm back for (at least) one night to do it again!!!
AND Andy Schumm and I have a really fun accordion surprise for you ❤
I won't know until the day of, but I know I'm either wearing something elegant or outrageous. And you should too!!
So I guess it's a costume party? A dress up party? I know we just had Halloween, but I'd love for you to wear something you feel amazing and otherworldly in!!! I certainly will.
Can't wait to hang and celebrate with you

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Name:Honky Tonk BBQ Chicago
Address:1800 S. Racine Ave., Chicago, IL 60608 312-226-RIBS (7427)
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