FAR-West Teaches: “Guitar Orchestration ~ Arranging a Song for One Voice, One Guitar” Free · Online Event

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Date & Time:Thu, 06/17/2021 - 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Event by FAR-West, Rick Ruskin and 3 others
Online Event
Price: Free
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For the next episode of its popular “FAR-West Teaches” series, FAR-West (Folk Alliance Region-West) is proud to present “Guitar Orchestration ~ Arranging a Song for One Voice, One Guitar”, on June 17th at 2 PM PDT, featuring James Lee Stanley, Laurence Juber and Rick Ruskin.
The three amigos, Laurence Juber, Rick Ruskin and James Lee Stanley first got together when they were all signed to Beachwood Recordings.
Through the years they have all gained notoriety in one fashion or another, but all three are uniformly known for their unique guitar styles.
They have come together once more to offer insight into how to make your arrangements and performances more exciting and engaging.
Tell me, who doesn’t need this? Let’s start with you.
Presented on Youtube.com/farwestconference
with live Q&A
Thursday, June 17th / 2 pm Pacific
Folk Alliance Region West (FAR-West) is the western regional affiliate of Folk Alliance International. FAR-West’s ongoing mission (since 2002) is to foster and promote traditional, contemporary and multicultural folk music, dance, storytelling and related performing arts in the Western United States and Canada.

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