Saturday Songwriter's Shoppe

On Saturday check CAU for tips on songwriting....


  • Write every day
  • Keep a recorder close
  • Rework and polish your songs again and again


Plus, an enjoyable task: LISTEN to lots of music by many different artists. Simply ask yourself, what do I like most about this music I am listening to? Integrate the aspects you like into your own work.


Do you need some extra ideas on starting a song?


Write about magic. What's the most magic thing that's ever happened to you? Was it real or in your head?


Imagine that body parts or household objects have feelings. What would that door, mirror, table, car, heart, or wall say if it could talk?


Write a song that doesn't rhyme ever.


Write a soung as a soundtrack for an extraordinary or everyday event such as background music for: being late to work, finding a $10 bill on the ground, meeting your long-lost lover, escaping an explosion, or chilling on the beach...


What other events can you picture that could have music matched to them?


We can't wait to hear your latest creations, so keep writing!


(Compiled/invented in part from tips included on  and "500 Songwriting Ideas (For Brave and Passionate People) by Lisa Aschmann."

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