Teresa Storch

Now, I know that I have a tendency to throw around platitudes, but I can't help it when the talent is so amazing.

Hailing from Cambridge, MA, Teresa Storch is beyond amazing. She is the first person that caused me to stop the show and take a break, because at the end of one of her songs I was crying like a baby

She has an engineering degree from Colorado School of Mines, which is no small feat. She danced ballet while getting that degree, and thank God she chose to become a Singer/Songwriter

I am proud to present this gifted and wonderful person. Please find the space in time to really listen to this show. Then, go to her website and look at the beautiful photograph of her reflection in a window. It describes the scientific and creative sides of this performer. She can also be found at

Gee, do you think I liked this person???

For those of you in Chicago, She is going to try to stop on her way back home and play live on Tuesday night the 19th at The Abbey Pub.

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