The New Zeitgeist

Since meeting as singer-songwriters at a Chicago open mic in 2011, The New Zeitgeist has been steadily building a reputation for their tempting harmonies and lonesome spirituals, which have been said to “harbor the spirits that dwell in the hidden hollows of Appalachia”(Country Standard Time).  Jen Reilly’s country gospel roots and southern swing deeply welcome the black leather electric and pop sensibility of Eddie Bluma.  “There was immediate chemistry,” Jen states in No Depression, “yet as we explored between his twangy-blusterous grit and my tailored velvet, our songwriting together wandered untested roads and our sound became more intimately entwined.” 

 On their new album, Myths and Mortals, the duo explores the origins of oral folk tradition touching upon outlaw and rock ballads, drawing heavily from suspenseful and captivating stories of fairies, earth, and work that call into our current socio-political times.  Featuring Austin City Limits Hall of Fame steel musician Lloyd Maines, Myths and Mortals calls from the deep to weary worn trails of spirits lingering.  The New Zeitgeist shares: “Our sense of what it is to be presently human not only involves our mortal stories but also our roots from beyond.”  Steven Wine of Associated Press calls it "music that connects Dublin and nothing else being heard in roadhouses or pubs." 

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