Crystal Bowersox

Crystal Bowersox joined us with little Anthony still in her tummy for an afternoon that I will not forget. Jeff Brown and Christine Knodle joined in on some of her songs and Crystal made me and David Kav cry several times.

Crystal's voice, guitar, and lyrics are supurb. I have seen her live many times now and I swear that you will have a wonderful time at her concerts.

Crystal is back home in Toledo, Ohio with little Anthony who is now weighing in at 10 lbs.! During the show we talked about a road trip to visit her and we are keeping our word. We (Goodbyehome ) are going to join her on August 22nd at Papa's Tavern 1328 Liberty St., Toledo, Ohio and then we are all camping out on her Mom's farm. What a blast!!!!

Enjoy this truly beautiful performer.....

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