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Episode 611

Artist: Reggie Williams

About the Episode:

Reggie Williams arrived in the CAU Studio in early October while in town for a live performance. This young man from Florida absolutely blew me away. He is a true artist. Tremendous guitarist, soungwriter, and vocalist, he is the real deal and if you have the chance to see him, do not hessitate.

Reggie started playing music in Sarasota, Florida at about 16. He was quickly accepted into the local scene, and since then has played over 300 shows, developing his sound into what it is today. His music has been described as folky soul, and he really likes that. He grew up on Jazz and Soul (like George Benson, Al Jarreau, Marvin Gaye), and later on started listening to heavier music (like Coheed & Cambria, Linkin Park, and Liquid Tension Experiment). Those may seem like artists that have nothing in common, but for Reggie they represent one very important thing.

An emotional connection with the listener.

Be it joy, love, wanting to have a good time, regret, rage, or anything between, these artists can convey what they want. Reggie strives to be this way. In the shows that he has under his belt, Reggie found that people can feel that. Reggie has heard so many beautiful, meaningful stories from new friends he meets in the audiences of the shows he plays. Reggie is honestly trying to expose his heart to a listener as a performer, and he believes this to be of the utmost importance to people.

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