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Episode 552

Artist: Grit & The Doubleknit

About the Episode:

Matt Gandurski of Northside Southpaws, Majors Junction, and CAU Alumni got in touch with me back in January and told me about a new project that he started called Grit & The Doubleknit. I am sure that I have forgotten one or two other projects

Matt Told me to expect something very different and perhaps just a bit irreverent. In his words, " four-piece mired in growl and spook". For example, they perform with a burlesque troup, Burlesco! at Honky Tonk BBQ.Grit and The Double Knit does their thing while Chicago's most talented burlesque dancers shake it for one and all.

So, check out this very creative band and enjoy their music. I know I did.


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