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Episode 535

Artist: Forbidden Knowledge (Nino Arobelidze, Pablo Gordy)

About the Episode:

Forbidden Knowledge (Nino Arobelidze and Pablo Gordy) is a concept born out of a novelty book of things people are not advised to do, but can be compelled or drawn to imagine doing. In a nutshell, this describes the musical stylings and viable fusions that Nino Arobelidze and Pablo Gordy have put together. Basically, the sounds say, "well, we shouldn't have tried this at home, because, well, it blew up."

Urbanismz is a concept album, built on top of garbage trucks, Laundromats, shady restaurants and parking lot construction sites in the abundance of cheddar cheese bagel twists, broken (Boston Cream pie) donuts, egg and cheese croissants and midnight coffee, drowned by vats of water and vitamin C. Forbidden Knowledge headquarters are situated on the corner of the loudest six corner intersection in Chicago.


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