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Episode 515

Artist: Briana White

About the Episode:

This diminutive young lady came in and demonstrated that great things can come in small packages. Her voice is incredibly powerful and her lyrics are just as strong. I was very impressed with the emotions that she expressed through her songs. She is most definitely on the right path and I am certain we will hear much more from Briana.

Briana White has been singing for twelve years and the fire still hasn’t died yet. Her music speaks of true experiences, and the feelings that come with them, whether good or bad. A singer as well as a guitarist, and hand percussionist her passion flows into each song she writes.

Born March 26th, 1992, White grew up in southern Connecticut, where her family spent 9 years there before moving to upstate New York. Having already started guitar lessons in Connecticut, White continued her studies in New York. By the age of 12, she was writing and performing songs for church services, and youth groups. Three years later, the White family relocated to Rhode Island, where White’s musical endeavor’s escalated. In 2006, after playing an open mic at a church camp, she was asked to record a demo for Christian radio to potentially be signed to a label. However, at the time White’s parents felt she wasn’t ready for the music industry yet.

Six years later, Briana was accepted to Berklee College of Music, where she attended for a semester. Since 2006, she has played in various bands including: the pop-punk act “She Said That,” “The Recent Arrivals,” “Living in Ardor,” and church bands. She has also worked closely with producer Mondo Machado who provided her with opportunities to record hooks made for rappers.

Her songwriting has not stopped, as she recently placed into the top 9 in the “Advance Music- Singer-Songwriter Competition” based out of Burlington, Vermont.

“What’s next for me? Well, now that I’ve experienced Berklee, I plan to work as hard as humanly possible to make my dream career a reality. I definitely absorbed all the information I could there, and I'm going to implement it into my day to day life as a musician.


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