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Episode 38

Artist: Tim Wais

About the Episode:

25 years ago songwriter-singer/guitarist Tim Wais was a raw talent performing on legendary Chicago stages. He could be seen at the “Earl of Old Town”, “Gate of Horn”, “Holsteins” and “The Bulls”, to name a few.
When Tim arrived at the studio it seemed like a reunion of sorts. I was around during those days and through the foggy depths of my memory I am pretty sure I saw him perform back then.
Well, that was then and this is now and Tim brings truth and a bit of protest with him. Pay attention to his lyrics and if you get the chance definitely see him live. He is fresh and exciting and at the same time brings lessons learned from the past to educate today's activists.
Tim will be opening for "Undertoad" on June 16th at The Ringside 554 E. Devon Ave. in Elk Grove Village and you should make it a point to go see him. Tim will also be on a future "Best of CAU" live show.
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