Adjacent Cruise w/ Andrew Robert Palmer Uncommon Ground Lakeview

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Date & Time:Sat, 07/16/2022 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm


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This is an intimate, seated dinner show! We offer full food & beverage service throughout the show. Check out our menus at
Seating: 7:15pm / Show: 8:00pm / All Ages
“A talented songwriter and instrumentalist from Chicago, Shannon Richardson brings a combination of emotionally charged late ’90s alternative balladry and the pop sensibilities of folkies like Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson. Richardson is joined by multi-instrumentalist Yuen Yee Richardson, a classically trained artist who imbues these songs with ornate production elements and a cinematic flair.” – Ryan Kachikis
Hey there - I'm Andy. I'm a songwriter from Chicago. I go by Andrew Robert Palmer (or ARP! for short), mainly because when I first started off playing solo (after the break-up of The Mother Z's, my first act with my sister), there was a guy also by the name of Andrew Palmer who played acoustic gigs around Chicago, and I realized I needed to differentiate when I started getting his booking emails. Then I got kinda sick of writing out my full name all the time, so I started using "ARP!" Anyway, I write lots of songs that are all somewhere within the folk/pop-rock realm. I always think I'm more rock than I am, but my wife Molly assures me that I'm "more of a folk artist who uses rock instrumentation." I grew up on a lot of 90's stuff, so if you like lo-fi home-recorded stuff or artists like Elliott Smith, Jonathan Richman or Ben Folds Five, then you'll hopefully like my music too. I have a band called "the nice boys" (also named by my wife, on account of us all being... well, nice, polite boys, I guess), and I either play gigs with them, or I go solo/acoustic. I do lots of recording and I mostly play everything myself when I do, but I have been lucky to meet some awesome musicians in my time who have helped me out a lot on various records. Anyway, that's pretty much it - I'm a songwriter, basically. I keep writing songs and it almost kind of feels like I can't stop, but I love doing it and putting them out into the world. It's fun and it's an obsession. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you listen and enjoy!



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Name:Uncommon Ground Clark
Address:3800 N. Clark Chicago, IL 60613
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