Jeebies Return To Glenwood Arts Fest!

Event Information

Date & Time:Sat, 08/17/2019 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Jeebies return to Glenwood Arts Fest SATURDAY AUGUST 17th
6:15pm Morse East Stage before Henhouse Prowlers ⚡️
Hope to see everyone there!

Ary Jeebie: Lead Vocals
Earl "Wolfdaddy" Carter: Upright/Electric Bass
Bob Hyatt: Guitar/Vocals
Jerry King: Drums
Special Guest
James Bourland: Lead Guitar

AMAZING HEEBY JEEBIES members got fired, arrested, incarcerated, shot, killed & ressurected. They're the worst of the amazingly worst and they'll scare you out of your pants. Fans are convinced if (The Cramps) Poison Ivy and Lux Interior Fans are convinced if (The Cramps) Poison Ivy and Lux Interior had a twisted hip shakin' lovechild, it'd be AMAZING HEEBY JEEBIES ringmistress Ary!

Influences include X, The Stooges, The Gun Club, Roky Erickson, The Kinks, Slade, Joan Jet, Suzi Qautro, T-Rex, Nancy Sinatra and vocals with a little Americana dash of June Carter.

AMAZING HEEBY JEEBIES hail from the Chicago underworld takin' souls, rockin' bones and claiming the amazed summoning the darker side of vintage rock n roll dripping with hipshakin glitter and'll hate yourself if you miss it!

AMAZING HEEBY JEEBIES appeared notable acts:
The Standells, Supersuckers, The Blasters, JD McPherson, Liquid Soul, Rosie Flores, Kid Congo & his Pink Monkey Birds, (of the Cramps, Gun Club)

AMAZING HEEBY JEEBIES debut album digital album “Bad Feeling” available NOW on ITunes & Spotify!


7:30pm After Party with
Big Hair Big Trouble! at
1416 W. Morse Ave.
Chicago 60626

Venue Information

Name:Glenwood Ave. Arts Festival
Address:Glenwood Ave at Morse Ave in Rogers Park on Chicago's north side.
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