Sinclair Express, David Hayes Vinyl Release, Sonic Palace Band

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Date & Time:Fri, 06/28/2019 - 9:00pm - Sat, 06/29/2019 - 1:00am

The Sinclair Express - David Hayes Project - Sonic Palace Band
9pm - $10 - 21+

David Hayes Project have completed their 5th album and are having a Vinyl release show Friday, June 28th at Martyrs! Sonic Palace Band plays first and The Sinclair Express ends the night.

The Sinclair Express is a Chicago-based alternative blues rock trio that proudly holds its roots in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Formerly a band known as Fox–consisting of Chris Sinclair, John Lawrence, and Carman Goodrich–wild stage antics and rippin' guitar work were to be expected. The band released one full-length album–Souvenirs, Novelties, Party Tricks. Recorded over the course of two years and released along with two music videos, it laid the foundation for what was to come. In the summer of 2018, Chris and John decided to rename the project and hit up an entirely new and different scene--Chicago. Picking up Mark Knapp along the way helped to fill out the band. During a typical live show, both Chris and John will switch between the guitar and drums, keeping the set fresh in terms of both music and performance.

David Hayes himself might tell you that his true growth as a performer and songwriter has come from places and people outside himself. He's that rare performer where referring to his sound as a constant work-in-progress isn't a detriment, but a selling point.This year, Hayes is back with The Attic, a wildly-eclectic batch of sonic wizardry and emotional highs.

Matt Mercado and The Sonic Palace Band are rocking the tunes from Mindbomb, Pivotman, Supermercado, Cosmic Fury and more!Matt Mercado has had a long and successful career in the music business. He first gained national attention fronting the‘90s hard rock band Mindbomb. The band was signed to Mercury Records and toured the world with megastars KISS, Rob Halford, Jackyl and Mötley Crüe and their songs were featured in the major motion pictures, Kalifornia and Cliffhanger. Post Mindbomb, Mercado formed the electro/metal rock band Pivot Man. After that band had its own successful run, Mercado formed Supermercado whose song “Ditch Kitty” appeared on the gold-selling video game soundtrack to “FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage”. His career has extended to stages across the world and to every part of the recording studio. His latest project, Sonic Palace Band, is a culmination of his technical and musical experience as well as the continued relationships he has with the musicians he’s worked with in the past. The band, named after Mercado’s Sonic Palace recording studio, is an extension of the studio itself and features long-time players in the Chicago area metal and hard rock scene. The Sonic Palace Band was designed for the studio. That’s where it thrives with no constraints, no boundaries and no rules about what musical styles its members will follow. Mercado turned to the talents of past bandmates; drummer, ‘’Vulgar” Vic Pedraza, guitarist/vocalist, Joe Torossian and bassist, Jim Kramer, to fill out the quartet. All are veterans of Chicago’s hard rock music scene. With so much talent, experience and technical skill in the room, it’s hard not to imagine their first single,“Sasquatch” capturing the ears of music fans young and old. The song was recorded at Sonic Palace, of course, and perfectly displays the great songwriting, musicianship and recording skill of everyone involved. In addition to Mercado’s achievements, the other members of SPB have long and accomplished résumés as well. Pedraza has been a part of the local music scene around Chicago since the mid1980s. In addition to Pivot Man, he has performed with City Heat, Suicide Bride, Metalmorphis and D-Connect. Torossian is a local songwriter and versatile guitarist who has played with Messenger, The Wild and FOS, as well as Pivot Man. Jim Kramer is a songwriter and classically trained musician who has lent his talents to local acts Bunker Hill, SIIN, Extremely Angry Youth, Punch n' Judy, to name but a few. Recording under the name Nohtimo Epok, Kramer recorded his first single "I Get Drunk" at Sonic Palace Studios. Mercado founded Sonic Palace in 2003 as be a comfortable, imaginative, and professional facility that was open to artists working in all genres. In particular, the studio has helped boost the city’s burgeoning rap scene by recording and promoting rappers such as Famous Dex, who went on to sign with Rich Forever Records, and Katie Got Bandz, who is best known for her smash hit “Make Me Rich” featuring Jeremih and Chi Hoover.

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Address:3855 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL
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