Double Single Release Show and Sarah's Circle Fundraiser

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Date & Time:Tue, 05/28/2019 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Ticket Price:$10.00

Double Single Release and Sarah's Circle Fundraiser

8pm Victoria Storm
9pm Leah Shoshanah
10pm Herbal Remedies

Join Leah Shoshanah and the Herbal Remedies on May 28th as both bands celebrate a single release.

In honor of survival and resilience, and to give back to an organization that supports women through traumatic experiences, a percentage of merchandise and auction items sold during the show will be donated to Sarah's Circle, a women's shelter and support organization in Chicago.

**A percentage of proceeds from merchandise and auction items will go toward Sarah's Circle, a women's shelter and support organization in Chicago**

LEAH SHOSHANAH is a Chicago-based singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist. She writes original music that oscillates between rock, jazz, funk and folk. Her band is: Aidan Epstein (bass), Kyle Paul (lead guitar), and David Sims (drums).

Last August, Leah went on a Brave Woman solo tour across the country. Before she left, she spent a day in the studio with a handful of musicians to record the single for Brave Woman, a song that illuminates healing from sexual and emotional trauma.

THE HERBAL REMEDIES seek to remind our audience of its close connection to nature and to each other. Consciously written poetic lyrics invoke the wisdom, shared by all creatures, of how to live at peace with the earth which sustains us, and how to have compassion for one another. Tranquil melodies and intentional harmonies conjure a similar sense of well-being to that achieved when immersed in abundant and beauteous natural landscapes.



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Address:3855 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL
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