Join Us For CAU's 1st Ever Live Podcast At Ranger Studios. · Hosted by Ranger Studios and Sound LLC.

Event Information

Date & Time:Sat, 03/16/2019 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm

This event will include an interview of Curious Grace and the Black Rabbit by Michael Teach for a Chicago Acoustic Underground podcast show that will be live streaming from Ranger Studios.


Curious Grace & Black Rabbit is a six-piece indie art rock band fronted by husband-wife songwriting duo Tom and Mary Erangey and powerhouse vocalist Hippie Heidi O'Toole. CG&BR delivers a high energy, intense live show that blends flamboyant keys, wailing guitar, groove bass, electric strings and big vocal harmonies. Think Pink Floyd meets Arcade Fire, with a bit of Peter Gabriel, Dream Theater, Muse and David Bowie pumped in.

Rebel Noise critic Jordan Blum calls CG&BR’s newest album #worldonfire his "superlative musical discovery of's an entrancing tour-de-force from start to finish."

Curious Grace & Black Rabbit is: Galway Tom on bass and vocals, Mod Mary on cello/electric cello and vocals, John 'Hollywood' Hickey on guitar, Macedonian Maestro Bojan Kolevski on keys, Hippie Heidi O'Toole on vocals and Scott 'Aquaman' Way on drums.

Oh and by the way, Vez is turning 60 and will be celebrating a turn of another decade Saturday.

Venue Information

Name:Ranger Studios and Sound LLC
Address:450 Dominic Ct., Franklin Park, IL
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