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Date & Time:Sat, 03/09/2019 - 8:00pm - Sun, 03/10/2019 - 12:00am


Kate Schell is an independent Chicago-based electro-folk/pop musician who is pleased to announce the launch of her new solo album, Past Present Future. She is formerly known as the lead singer, songwriter, pianist, and trumpet player for the band, Paper Thick Walls, who was named one of Chicago’s top five emerging artists by both Deli Chicago and Chicago Magazine. Since the band break-up, Schell has been crafting her new album alongside her producer, Stefan Clark, and sound engineer, Mat Lejeune, from Chicago Recording Company. Her style mixes folky vocals layered with electronica production pulling from influences like Bat for Lashes and Bjork. Schell started playing piano at the age of 6, writing at the age of 13, and has continued to write and perform ever since. Past Present Future is a compilation of her best songs written over the past decade. It is about her personal growth through a series of events from her past that have shaped who she is as an artist today. Our past and present blend to create our future, much like a phoenix dying and then rising from the ashes with a new life. This concept is captured by having some untouched old songs, some untouched new songs, and some that fall between the two. Because this structure captures years of her growth as an artist, you can hear the transformation of Schell’s songwriting style change, often within a single song.


Doomerang is an electronic rock band from Chicago, IL composed of members Daniel Robbins (vocals, guitar), Katie Kadan (synth, vocals), Katrina Zemrak (bass), and Kirby Baumann (drums). For the past 5 years, singer-songwriter Daniel Robbins has been writing, recording and playing music in Chicago, both as a solo act and with bands, in addition to recording, producing and collaborating with other local artists. Doomerang began in January 2016 as a recording project for Robbins and over the first months of 2016, the songs that would comprise Doomerang's debut album were written, recording began, and the realization that these songs needed to be played live set in. From personal, moving songwriting, to teaching music lessons, to passionate live performance, music is native Chicagoan Katie Kadan's life. And as a constant collaborator with Robbins (both on the stage and in the studio), with one of the best voices in Chicago, Katie joining Doomerang seemed to be a given, and so she did in June 2016. Katrina Zemrak, originally from Winslow, Maine, has been playing the bass for over 10 years in varying genres, including rock, musicals, jazz, and classical. But Katrina's passion for music extends beyond the bass and for the past 5 years she has been focusing on creating music for film and other forms of media and is currently studying at Columbia College. One serendipitous shared cab ride and a few text messages later and Doomerang had a bass player. The last piece of the puzzle was Doomerang drummer, Kirby Baumann. Originally from Texas, Kirby is a visual artist, chef and self-taught drummer who has gone from beginning to drum at the age of 5 to opening for The Roots in 2009. Kirby's style and influence ranges from rock and roll, to blues, to hip-hop and after answering a Craigslist add in July 2016, Doomerang was complete.


The first thing you might notice about Chicago duo Low Swans is how remarkable their live show is. As visual as it is sonic. As uplifting as it is visceral. As energetic as it is engrossing. There’s plenty to see. First, there are core members Jon Scarpelli and Scott Simon. Scarpelli writes lyrics, sings, and plays guitar. Nothing unusual there. Simon handles synths and mallets, playing percussive electric sounds over elaborate soundscapes. Behind them plays a drummer, a violin/synth/auxiliary member, and finally, an honest-to-god DJ, supervising all sound. “Everybody has a very specific function that you could hone in on for a good chunk of time,” says Simon, “and then just turn your head and see something different.” Borne from a musically academic background, Low Swans wrangles a bold range of influence into a deeply accessible synth-pop sound: an aural homage to the MTV era of the 1980’s without the over-imposed sense of nostalgia. New single, Ostfront from their upcoming full-length album stands out, speculating on what it means to let go of your own issues and focus on those affected. Beneath deceptively simple layering, it’s emotional and engrossing, fluttering and crackling with verve through lilting arrangements and phrasing: a careful musical testament to their ability - after years within the music industry - to write complex-yet-accessible music. Says Scarpelli, “We all have our own hardships and stories, but ultimately, bringing together the big ideas and connecting them to ourselves and people on a basic level is what it’s all about.”


Eshé All Day is a songrwriter and producer from the southside of Chicago that has recently returned from sabbactical with the mission to spread sunlight. She has performed for Sofar Sounds, art galleries, and DIY venues across Chicago due to the word-of-mouth success from her two EPs In My Room and Chromotherapy. Eshé and her collaborator and dear friend, St. Juice, have recently become a duo called Orange Juice, with a self-titled EP currently in the works.

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