Choro Music Monthly Jam Session · Hosted by Sabor A Café Steakhouse and Chicago Choro Club

Event Information

Date & Time:Sun, 01/27/2019 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Sabor a Café is proud to be the Sunday night home of the Chicago Choro Club Monthly Roda de Choro (jam session)!

Brazilian choro is a cousin of "samba." It is communal by nature and appeals to young and old. Classical and jazz players find common ground working in this style that allows for freedom of expression through improvisation, technical dexterity, and rhythmic feel.

The Chicago Choro Club is a community of musicians that plays Brazilian choro music. The "CCC" is in residence at ACM (Access Contemporary Music) in Chicago (Ravenswood neighborhood), hosting classes and jam sessions in the style. Learn more at and

Hosting the session at Sabor a Café are instructors Julie Koiden, Marcel Bonfim, special guest David Chelimsky, John Beard and Heitor Garcia.

No cover charge, but reservations are recommended. Reserve online at or call (773) 878-6327.

Venue Information

Name:Sabor A Café Steakhouse
Address:2435 W Peterson Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60659
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