Phil Circle Hometown Show #1

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Date & Time:Sat, 08/18/2018 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

This is show #1 of his "hometown tour." Show #2 is at the Glenview Rock House with his full-on band the following Saturday, August 25th.

Who's This Guy?

Phil Circle is a veteran Chicago-based singer-songwriter-guitarist born in Glenview and raised in Wilmette. He's also a music coach and strong advocate of both Chicago music and the DIY approach. The son of entrepreneur, Bob Circle, and musician-writer-producer and founder of The Savoy-aires, Lilias Circle, Phil fell naturally in the middle. Nowadays, any musician seeking a career has no choice but to be an entrepreneur, but Circle was DIY/Indie before they coined the terms. In August of 2017 he published a book chronicling his journey so far. The Outback Musician's Survival Guide: One Guy's Story of Surviving as an Independent Musician has been hailed by critics as "a celebration of what it means to be human," calling it "an important message that everyone should hear," and saying that "It reads like a Jack Kerouac or Hunter S. Thompson novel: full of grit and realism, written in the fast pace of life."

While the title of "author" may be new, Circle has been writing for music publications, blogs, and the like for most of his music career, which spans 30 years. In the 90's, he released his debut album. The critics fell in love with it. In The Mix Magazine said it "defies rock, jazz, and blues," was "from the master class" and "just what the doctor ordered." City View implored the listener to "let this disc wash over your soul," and The Illinois Entertainer declared "I like it more every time I listen to it." However, mainstream success alluded Circle. As it turned out, that was just what he needed. The apparent obstacle–his eclectic and truly unique style–became his greatest selling point and the source of his creative freedom. One later write-up of Circle on tour noted that "there's something in Circle's music for everybody" and The Fox Morning Radio Show in D.C. spoke to his "virtousic guitar playing" and "poetic lyrics." And so he continued.

Several albums later, Phil Circle has become less worried about whether he ever slides into mainstream popularity. And yet his recent single "What I Mean" has trended more widely than anything he's ever released. As to his place in his beloved home city? Center Stage Chicago said "Phil Circle's prolific songwriting and powerful performance make him a staple of Chicago music." The Illinois Entertainer called him "one of our town's most unique voices." In an interview last month, Chicago Music Guide introduced him with these words:

"What makes Circle one of the few ‘professional indie musicians’ (where the phrase isn’t an oxymoron) is not only his tenacity, but his inherent fluidity with performing, and a zen-like understanding of what it means to be a songwriter."

Phil Circle will appear August 18th at The Rock House in Wilmette and August 25th at The Rock House Glenview. At each, he will read briefly from his book. In Wilmette, he will then play a solo acoustic set of his music. In Glenview, his reading will be followed by a set with his backing band of Chicago professionals. Each musical set will present a different experience for the audience, whether in the intimate solo show or through the full-band set.

Books and CDs, including his latest Limited Edition release ReCircle (if they're not sold out) will be available at both shows.

His performances will both run from 7:30-9pm.

All Ages are welcome, but some subject matter may not be appropriate for younger children.

There is No Cover Charge, but tips (suggested donations) will be encouraged and appreciated.

Come see Phil Circle at one or both of his Hometown Shows.

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Name:Rock House, Wilmette, IL
Address:1150 Central, Wilmette, IL
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