Cash for Kids- Chicago's only Johnny Cash festival · Hosted by Cash for Kids-Chicago's Only Johnny Cash Festival

Event Information

Date & Time:Sat, 01/20/2018 - 6:00pm - 10:00pm

That train is coming so don't miss it!
The Waco Brothers, Hayden Thompson, Iron Horse, The Dark Passengers, Flying Buffalos, Hodie Snitch and Memphis Star.
Come celebrate an evening of non-stop music by local artists and more tapping into the spirit of the Man in Black.
FAQ Answers-
Pre-Sale tickets are available at a $5 discount. Get yours before pre-sale closes down in early January.
Music starts at 6:00.
Should you bring your kids? I wouldn't.
This fest has always featured local and not so local acts working Cash spirited covers into their set. You might hear just about anything mildly related to Johnny or June along with original material as well.
There are two large parking lots offering free spots but get there early if you want one.
This event is a fundraiser and many of the bands are playing for a cut rate so don't hesitate to thank them with a handshake or a beer.

Venue Information

Name:Irish American Heritage Center
Address:4626 North Knox Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60630
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