Dolly Varden with Rachel Drew & The Bitter Roots and The Jesus Christ Trio

Event Information

Date & Time:Fri, 12/22/2017 - 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Ticket Price:$15.00

22 rubber bands, a beekeeper, and some dropping of charges. Dolly Varden at Space! with Rachel Drew and the Bitter Roots! and the resurrection of the Jesus Christ Trio. Friday, December 22, at Evanston SPACE. — with Alton Smith, Robbie Fulks, Steve Dawson, Diane Christiansen, Krista Varsbergs, Marcia Kautz Nelson, Matt Thobe, Mark Balletto and Dolly Varden


Venue Information

Address:1245 Chicago Ave., Evanston, IL 60202
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