Kaleidoscope Eye Music Festival Chicago · Hosted by Kaleidoscope Eye Festival Chicago

Event Information

Date & Time:Fri, 09/08/2017 - 5:00pm - Sat, 09/09/2017 - 12:00am



Advance single day and weekend tickets are on sale now. Deluxe packages will be offered as well, featuring merchandise and unique offerings.

Come see the future of psychedelia – Kaleidoscope Eye is coming!

Band list:

Friday Night:
The Luck of Eden Hall
Friends of Dennis Wilson
Brujas del Sol
Heaven’s Gateway Drugs
Soft Candy
Junkee Girl

Saturday Night:
Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor
Magic Castles
The Orange Drop
The Red Plastic Buddha
White Shape

Ticket are available here > https:// www.kaleidoscopepsychedelic .com/store/

Psychedelia is a musical genre that defies easy description. Look around the burgeoning scene and you will find Barrett-esque psychedelic pop, ethereal shoe gaze, dreamy acid folk, driving space rock, dark and punishing doom, bluesy stoner rock, proggy sci-fi romps, snarly garage rock and nearly every combination you could imagine. Although the purveyors of modern psychedelic music often share common roots, the best of these bands follow their own vision and create a sound uniquely their own.

The curators of Kaleidoscope Eye have sought out bands with a unique voice and will bring them together September 8 & 9 at Chicago’s Live Wire Lounge. Some you will know. Some will be a revelation. All will delight and amaze.

Friday night will feature seven amazing bands and Saturday will showcase eight more. As psychedelic music is a multi-dimensional medium, an amazing lighting experience is being developed and will be part of the festival’s entertainment.


Venue Information

Name:Live Wire Lounge
Address:3394 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 773-756-5363
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