Resist at Revolution

Event Information

Date & Time:Wed, 03/29/2017 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

We join as a resistance community to connect, learn, act, and energize our movement! 

We have several local organizations who are part of the Resistance Movement that will be attending our upcoming meeting. They have a need for volunteers for those interested in jumping in and getting their feet wet. Collectively, they address the following issues: 

❒ Fighting Climate Change through policy change
❒ Fighting Citizens United, which has allowed corporations to buy the voting power of Congress
❒ Supporting Progressive candidates for local offices
❒ Lobbying State Legislatures to pass Progressive bills
❒ Spreading Progressive ideas throughout the community

We'll also take this time to network with fellow resistors and continue to strategize methods of Resistance. We have some tactics to share and want to hear more of yours. 

There is no cover, but we will be raising money for the handful of organizations that come and participate. When Facebook just isn't enough, Resist at Revolution!

Venue Information

Name:Revolution Tap Room
Address:3340 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60618
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