Benton Harbor Lunch Box

Andy Seagram who has been on the show before, brought in his new configuration called Benton Harbor Lunchbox including Drew Weir and Tom Sorich. what a great band!

A Benton Harbor Lunchbox is amateur-radio parlance for a transmitter/receiver made by the Heathkit Co. of Benton Harbor, MI, in the early 1960s. Brilliant in its simplicity, intuitive, and fully functional, it harnesses the power of the airwaves to bring all the lonesome souls together. 

Inspired by the rudimentary technology that is their namesake, this Chicago-based group makes music with a similar purpose: To transmit and receive the collective consciousness … sometimes emotionally, sometimes cerebrally, and sometimes viscerally, like a kick to the crotch. Their literate, unpretentious, and undomesticated homage to the American underground speaks for itself--and hopefully to you.

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